Sunday, December 27, 2009

The King of Attiola, Megan Whalen Turner

"Tell me a story, then," said the king. "Keep me occupied."
"A story?" Phresine was surprised. "What makes you think I can tell stories?"
"Insight," said the king. "Go on."
Phresine protested.
"A story, or I am getting up," threatened the king, and twitched the bedcovers aside.
Phresine, in her turn, conceded defeat. "Very well,"and she smoothed the bedcovers back in place. " I have just the one in mind."
"As long as it isn't instructive."
"How do you mean, my lord?" Phresine was prim again.
"I mean I'm not appearing in this drama. I don't want to hear the story about the wayward, self-indulgent boy who learns the error of his ways and grows up to be a model of decorum and never cuts anybody's head off for spite." (p.272)

Bookshelves of Doom
A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy

Needless to say I loved this book! Too tired & sugar high to think let alone to write anything (that's becoming a common problem for me).

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