Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Great 2009 Reading Roundup!

Well, I am mostly just proud of myself for sticking to a goal born last New Year's Eve. I can't say that I stuck to any other goals I had then. Stuff like losing half my body weight (i.e. getting so thin that people start rumors about my potential health problems - I put that one in for you, Nora!), achieving financial stability, traveling, becoming fluent in foreign tongues, becoming proficient at various musical instruments (shout out to my neglected concertina!), reaching organizational nirvana through the use of a label maker, and mastering various domestic goddess skills (knitting, pastry making, sewing, to name a few). And I can't forget to mention my hopeful plans to learn to skateboard and tap dance.

I didn't do any of those things (well I did purchase a lot of the accessories to accomplishing those things if that counts for anything) but I did force myself to record everything that I read even when it pained me to do so.

I realized that I don't read nearly as much as I think that I do. I realized that I could buy no new books in 2010 and still not run out of fresh reading material. And I realized that deep down I am a teenage girl when it comes to my reading tastes. Which is odd because when I was an actual teenage girl I read much more literary fiction and classics than I do now. I don't think that I read any YA as an actual YA. Maybe I was trying to be a grownup back then and now I'm grasping at my fleeting youth as I get closer to the big 3-0.

So I am kicking off a series of posts with my thoughts on the best of what I did end up reading this year. I'm sure that next year not only will I be a skateboarding, tap dancing, concertina playing, French speaking anorexic (among other achievements) but that I will have better reading adventures to report. Hopefully in 2010 I will read more classics and more books in general. Less TV, less celebutainment, and less wallowing in general will make this possible I'm sure.

I'm starting off with my favorite YA titles and nonfiction titles of the year. Still to come are favorite books for grownups, mysteries, fluffy bathtub reading, and favorite book boyfriends of 2009.

Edited 1/2/10
So, I started doing all making all these lists a few weeks ago when I was in a better mood and now I just want them to go away! So my reading audience of one will just have to live in suspense never knowing what would have made it onto my favorite mystery and book boyfriend lists. Also that is why there is a marked difference in the amount of effort I put into the lists that are posted. I am not so strong on follow through.

Lastly, audience of one, I made the lists before reading (and loving) Wintergirls and The Queen's Thief series. These would definitely have made the Best of lists.

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