Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson

This book definitely lived up to the hype surrounding it. I am not one for graphic crime stories so even though I was impressed I won't be reading the next 2 books in the series.

I love Lisbeth! What a fascinating character. I read a review that called her a "feminist avenging angel" and I agree completely. I spent a lot of time worried for her in the book and then wanting to cheer out loud when she got her revenge against her attacker. That scene was crazy-go-nuts in an excellent death-to-perverts kind of way. I was seriously grinning at 2am when I read that part.

The mystery in the story was clever and kept me awake reading far longer than I had planned to because I just had to know the ending. Now my only complaint is the very last page. That made me mad on Lisbeth's behalf and since I don't plan to read the other books I want someone to post a detailed wikipedia entry full of spoilers so I can know if Lisbeth ever tells Mikael how she feels about him. The internet has let me down so far in providing answers.

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