Monday, December 7, 2009

30 Guys in 30 Days, Micol Ostow

Today is Monday/Monday string beans/All you hungry children/Come & eat it up!

Today is also the first day in 5 years of teaching that it actually snowed at school! Completely bizarre and beyond freezing. And hopefully it will never happen again. Snow on the ground made for some exceptionally giddy and intractable babies today. Which leads to a cranky teacher by the time the bell rings.

It is also another day of my new life as someone who works out. Which all leads me to a familiar place in my life: the bathtub at the end of the day with a Simon Romantic Comedy.

I liked this one a lot. The writing really stood out from others I've read in this series. It was engaging and funny without being overly silly or unrealistic.

And in an odd way I wish that I had read this book back in college for flirting inspiration. College girls (& boys, I guess) don't realize that they will probably never be in another situation in life with so many potential romantic partners. Therefore they should seize the day and put themselves out there more.

I couldn't take Claudia's challenge now even if I wanted to seeing as I rarely see a guy within my age range on anything remotely approaching a daily basis. Which really isn't a poor, pitiful spinster statement its just a fact.

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