Friday, March 25, 2011

What I've Been Reading

Being so sick for most of 2011 has slowed down my reading and definitely my blogging. Here is the lazy recap:

I really liked this one. It's a fun, YA, werewolf story that like every other YA book is the first in a trilogy. I am ready for some stand alones! I also was wondering how the publishing companies decide which supernatural YA gets the full Stephenie Meyer treatment- this book had a shiny dustjacket, deckle edge paper, and was huge. I want to know how much this puppy cost to print. But that is neither here nor there. I liked the story and was totally sucked in even though I think I'm on the Team Losing Boy in terms of the love triangle which is always disappointing.

This was a fun and quick, Bridget Jones-esque book. It would be an adorable movie and was really funny. The main character was seriously delusional for most of the story but injecting her with some common sense would have killed the plot. There is a sequel but I'm not interested because the plot sounds identical to this one. The first one is all about Isabel faking her way to literary success and the next one is all about Isabel faking her way to fashion success.

I am a sucker for anything Sleepy Hollow related what with my current place of employment and also being a sucker for YA supernaturals, this series was a no brainer for me to pick up. Of course this is a trilogy so I might change my feelings after reading the finale but so far so mildly entertaining. I like the characters and the world but it is all just a little description heavy for me. If it was pared down this series could be one of my favorites but as it is it can't compete with my beloved Kelley Armstrong or Kimberly Derting or Richelle Mead or Melissa Marr or Clare Dunkle or...... clearly there are a lot of these series in my top tier. I liked these books but more in an Alyson Noel kind of way. Not my favorites but passable in a pinch to steal a catch phrase from Christopher Kimball. And of course I will be reading the final installment- I always have to know how things end!

I was not into this one at all. I think I have reached a point where I pretty much only want to read Laurie Halse Anderson's YA realistic fiction. 

I loved this book! I had my library copy stuffed with post-it flags and notes and finally I just gave up trying to write things down and remember things I wanted to look up later. I need to get my own copy and reread. It has beautiful language and fascinating historical information. I had a hard time finishing it once I got to the point in the book that Tyndale had been captured. Even though it was inevitable and I already knew what happened this book reads like a novel and had me hoping for some sort of freak twist which obviously isn't in the cards. Such a great book!

Like everyone else I had to read Amy Chua's book after reading her awesomely well planned Wall Street Journal article. If anything I'm all talked out about tiger mothers after talking about this one with my family & everyone at work and reading what feels like what the entire internet had to say about it. Fascinating book and in the end she makes more good points than bad ones. Sleepovers? Never! Forced music lessons? You bet! Watch out future children of mine ;)

This was disappointing. I liked the Jane Austen tour through England angle but so much of this book was strange and whiny and had nothing to do with Jane Austen. Serious bummer.

This book was inspiring and had me burning through the post-it flags again. It is definitely a book I want to own and reread. Thank goodness for inter-library loan in the mean time!

I love the Pioneer Woman! I had fun reading this story when it was little installments on her blog so I feel like I've been waiting to read the whole thing forever. Not to mention being excited for the movie someday. My only complaint with the book was that it ended too soon. Ree is such a great storyteller and her book was so entertaining and relaxing. Now I just want her to write Part II!

Speaking of Part II, I will (hopefully) finish recapping my 2011 reading in another post (soonish).


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