Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, Meg Cabot

My envy of Meg Cabot continues to build along with my enjoyment of these Heather Wells books. They are definitely the strongest Meg Cabot titles I have read and they are so entertaining.
This one made me laugh out loud.

"Where does that jaded cynicism even come from? It can't be because I'm a washed up former pop star trying to put my life together, only to be told I have to take remedial math." (p.68)

"I'm too old for a singing-songwriting career," I tell him. I mean, have you seen those girls on MTV? I can't wear short skirts anymore. Too much cellulite."
"Don't be silly," Dad says dismissively. "You look fine. Besides, if you're self-conscious, you can just wear slacks." (p.89)

I love that Dad advice! Right to the heart of the problem. You've got cellulite? No problem, pull out the slacks and you'll be ready for your music video instantly!

"I have them throw in a GET WELL SOON bear for good measure, after first making sure the GET WELL SOON banner comes off, so Manuel can regift the bear to a girlfriend or niece. You have to think about these things when you're giving stuffed toys to a man." (p.191)

"But not everyone seems to find their incredibly slim waists (how do all their internal organs even fit in there? I mean like their liver, and everything? Isn't it all squashed? Don't you need at least a 29 inch waist in order for everything in there to have enough room to do its job?) freakish." (p.235)

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