Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lorraine Heath Books

I really need to read something less embarrassing if for no other reason than to hold my head high while blogging for my audience of 1. Something significantly less embarrassing would mean that I could bring myself to put the cover art of what I read onto said blog. But I am realistic and know myself well so I don't think I'll stop reading fluff anytime soon and I know I won't be reading anything more cerebral until school gets out. 8 more days, 18 report cards to write, 2 (that I know of...) crazy/neurotic parents to counsel/remind to take deep breathes before I am free! I am so excited for the summer and have been planning my (surely more worthy) reading lists.

On to Lorraine Heath. In terms of fluff reading I really enjoyed 2 of Rachel Hawthorne's books and then I found out that she had written these 2 historical romances for teens under the name Lorraine Heath and impressively the library had both. I read one last night and one tonight. They were both incredibly relaxing and sweet and so much better than their cover art and trashy library std appearances would lead you to believe. But I'm still not proud!

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