Thursday, June 25, 2009

Magic Study, Maria V. Snyder

The first book in this trilogy was much stronger than this. That's not really saying much because the first book was pretty meh itself. I kept reading this one because I wanted Yelena (by the way what is up with her name?) to get with her man. Which she did after discovering her many impressive powers and saving the world with her superiority. The last book is not easy to find and I might just leave it with this one. These stories really remind me of the LJ Smith Vampire Diaries neverending story with a heroine who just needs to look within herself to save the day. I also felt like the magic stuff in these books was never really consistent or explained. It is hard to buy into a story about a magical world when the rules are inconsistent. I also didn't like the CSI: Magical Society bent that this story took with the disturbing crimes.

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