Monday, June 8, 2009

Size 12 Is Not Fat, Meg Cabot

The Meg Cabot fluff fest continues as my school year crawls to a close. I have to say this is my favorite Meg Cabot title (so far). It's another grownup title but fortunately had no smut, hooray! I also loved the premise of the book. The thought of a teen pop tart being forced into a real career and a real body was very funny. After reading this one and She Went All The Way it's really easy to imagine Meg Cabot as an US Weekly subscription holder (she has just got to be into celebrity news; which I say with absolutely no malice. Clearly, I am into celebrity news too. The Target clerk who felt the need to point out to me that the 5 high quality magazines I was buying on Saturday all had the same picture on their covers clearly is not a fellow traveler in the world of celebutainment. As if the same pictures might be a reason to not buy all 5. )

Heather is a very likable, relatable character and I enjoyed the mystery element to this story as well. My only complaint is that I want Heather to land herself a man. I don't like when stories about chubby girls feel the need to show how empowering it is to be fat and single. Because that is just a lie. I get that some people feel discouraged if the only fat girl narrative is that happiness (& a hot man) only arrive with weight loss but in reality what single, fat girl wants to read about how great it is to be single and fat. We (I'll be the chubby, single girl spokesperson) want to read about the many interesting ways a single girl like ourselves might meet Mr. Right and/or get thin. It's called escapism and wish fulfillment!

Here's hoping Heather gets her man soon (she can stay fat but I will revolt if she is just so self actualized that she doesn't need to be with a man and/or get thinner at some point in this series)

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