Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Awakening, Kelley Armstrong

I'm going to continue my gushing praise of these books in this post. I was so relieved that I had this book and could just keep reading after the ending to The Summoning. Thankfully this one did not end quite so cliff hangerishly. I still can't believe I'll be waiting until May 2010 to read the next installment in this story.

I think that I liked The Awakening even more than The Summoning. One big reason for that is that Derek is my favorite character and he and Chloe got so much more time together.

Now, I really, really hate to reference Twilight here (because these books are better than Twilight) but the reading experience has been similar for me. The biggest difference is that the quality of writing is just so much higher (no one has liquid topaz eyes or a marble chest).

But reading these books did remind me of how I felt when I first read Twilight back before there were movies and all the ensuing Twimania of recent times. I remember being so stressed when I got to the end of each book and feeling so intensely about the characters. I remember having the Breaking Dawn release date on my calendar and forcing Gnorah to go to the bookstore at midnight and then staying up all night reading.

I've read the Twilight books so many times now (& full disclosure: I do still enjoy them) but I think that I had forgotten how it felt the first time you read them- when you really didn't know why Edward left Bella or if she was going to pick Jacob or really turn into a vampire. When you know what is coming it makes it so much less intense.

Which brings me to my point: I am going to be having a serious book thowing tantrum if Chloe ends up with Simon instead of Derek or actually anybody but Derek. Or if Derek is killed. It will just not be ok with me! I was getting really freaked out by Chloe holding Simon's hand during the last few pages. All the details that Kelley Armstrong has in the story that let you know Derek is pretty insecure (showering twice a day, etc) make me cringe for him having to watch that ickiness! And at the same time make me want Chloe to give him a hug! I am Team Derek all the way! (maybe someday there will be someone on etsy selling crazy bedazzled t-shirts for this very cause... at the rate I'm going maybe I will become that crazy person)

I realize I'm sounding a little bit intense but I have a history of getting mad at books. The first time I read Little Women and realized what was going on with Amy & Laurie I thought it was a red herring. I remember thinking that it was just a plot twist and that surely Jo would realize her mistake and tell Laurie she really did love him that way. Obviously Louisa May Alcott would know that Jo & Laurie were meant to be. Imagine my ten year old self's rage when I read that Jo marries a middle aged (& POOR) german professor. Absolutely disgusting!

I had another experience like this when I read I Capture the Castle and realized that Cassandra's poor lovable swain, Stephen, is not going to get the girl. I really did throw that book across the room and I was old enough to be more mature than that. All I can say is that some books get under my skin and Kelley Armstrong's have definitely burrowed in for the duration. May 2010 is feeling very far away!

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