Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Bride in the Bargain, Deeanne Gist

Another book that I purchased because of pretty cover art. That and the bit about mail order brides. I always like a good mail order bride story. This one surpassed my expectations in a big way. The romance was believable, the history was woven in without feeling preachy or having any characters deliver lectures instead of dialogue, and the Christian element was very natural and not forced into the story. It did get a little soap opera-esque near the end but at the close of the book I can see why the author chose to have so many "and then this happened and that happened" moments in the last 20 pages or so. She wanted her characters to have absolutely no doubt about their motives for being together. I really liked this book and plan to read some of Deeanne Gist's other titles.

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