Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wings, Aprilynne Pike

I really liked this book (And I pretty much had to since I am in thrall to Stephenie Meyer and she told me it was a remarkable debut so really what else could I think?). It is a clever story with an engaging romance. My issue with this book was how short it was. I felt like it was all over too quickly and not in that way of loving a book so much that you don't want to have your reading experience end. This book had me hooked but it still felt like it ended before it really found it's sure footing. But since it is the first of 4 planned books I'm hoping that the books that come next will be more satisfying. Kind of like how once you knew that Kristy was a bossy tomboy, Claudia was an artsy Asian, Dawn was the California girl, and Stacey the awesome diabetic you could skip the first chapter that was identical in every installment of the Baby Sitters Club and get right into the real story & ponder the tough questions (like how did Mary Anne get that dreamy boyfriend Logan if she is so boring that I didn't remember her for my character summary? Explain that Ann M. Martin)

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