Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breathing, Cheryl Renee Herbsman

I am feeling mostly neutral towards this book. I don't think I would have picked it up if I hadn't read some positive reviews that also mentioned the asthma angle of the story. The asthma turned out to be a seriously minor side bar to the story which was a let down for me and my irritable lungs.

I think this book was well written and the main character had a strong voice but I am so not the target audience. It's funny, but with all the teen reading I've done this year I've still really related to many of the characters or at least felt like my former teenage self related to them. But with this one I felt old. Really, really old. The main character, Savannah, is just such a young immature girl which is totally appropriate since she's 15. But I just kept wanting to sit her down and give her one of those lectures that starts out with "Young lady you will understand this when you are older..." and ends with "because I said so". I definitely related to her poor, harried mother more than Savannah.

But I'd rather have the problem of not relating to a character because of the youthfulness factor than read about a 13 year old channeling a 30 something. But because I didn't relate to Savannah I really wanted this book to end way before it did. It got pretty slow near the end of the book and even though it had a happy ending I kept thinking for sure that this 18 year old guy who never called when he said he would was going to wake up and decide to date a fellow adult instead of a histrionic 15 year old. But I also think I would have thought this book was full of true & deep words of wisdom about love if I had read it when I was 12.

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