Saturday, May 16, 2009

When It Happens, Susan Colasanti

About 5 days ago I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more books until I had read all of the new ones purchased in recent late night book buying binges (horrifyingly & thrillingly this is probably about 75 books...) or until school gets out in June whichever happened first. But then Mom and Gnorah had to leave me while they roadtripped out of state for the last few days which has left me feeling sorry for myself. So clearly self-pity means that I get to break all vows and indulge myself. So far I have purchased about 25 books from Barnes & Noble (yay for hardback new releases) and the 2 used bookstores around here (indulging myself also means downloading whatever I want from itunes & reading the leaked potentially not accurate new moon script online {guess what Gnorah it's really good! I'm sure you are relieved}. All of which leads me to Susane Colasanti. I bought all 3 of her books last night in my spree.

When It Happens is a satisying read. Susane Colasanti fits in my mind with Sarah Dessen & Deb Caletti. Solid not idiotic realistic fiction about angsty teenage girls who swoon over the wrong boys until they realize the right boys have been there all along (lab partner, boy next door, brother's best friend, etc). I liked it and I'm glad to have her next 2 books waiting for me to read in my ever increasingly to be read stack.

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