Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Boys Next Door, Jennifer Echols

I love Jennifer Echols! After finally finding the right author with the initials JE on a Simon Romantic Comedy I picked this up in my self pity spree. I really really loved Going Too Far and I was excited to read this but also a little worried I wouldn't like it as much as Going Too Far. But I didn't need to worry. This is definitely a lighter, fluffier book but it is very fun to read. It reminded me of the boy-girl dynamics in The Summer I Got Pretty which continued my pining for the summer and a vacation house of some sorts or at least more books with this theme. It also reinforced my 13 year old self's desire to have a twin brother because clearly having a brother with attractive friends that you grow up tagging along with is the key to romantic success. Now I just wish you could search the library catalog by subject for things like that. I'm sure there are more books out there to prove my tween self correct.

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