Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Mediator 1: Shadowland, Meg Cabot

I used to wish that I was Danielle Steele, especially after driving past her crazy mansion in San Francisco and realizing that those hundreds of books put her in that house. Well I think I'll change that to wishing I was Meg Cabot with her multitude of YA books. How does she possibly write so many books all seemingly at the same time? (Maybe I should save my wishes until I see Meg Cabot's mansion)

This is actually my first Meg Cabot title (but I have, of course, seen The Princess Diaries movies) and it was very cute. It was clever, quick paced, suspenseful.... and I liked how the narrator Suze tells us she isn't going to give us the details of her spells & procedures for getting rid of the crazy ghost haunting her school seeing as we aren't ghost busting professionals like herself. I appreciate that because I don't like when supernatural stories get so dark/evil and I really don't like the idea of young & impressionable tween girls reading all about the occult (that was part of my problem with the Vampire Diaries-a little too much witchiness for my comfort level)

So, I am glad to have found a new relaxing & fun series to read & to recommend. Perfect bathtub reading.

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