Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan

A mom of a little boy in my class invited me to a school fundraiser featuring Kelly Corrigan reading from her book and answering questions. I don't know that I would have read this book without it being given to me as a gift but I am so glad that I did. It is wonderful. I keep talking about it with my mom and want her (and Gnorah & my aunts) to read it so we can bookclub it up.

I also really loved going to the reading. I had never been to one before and wasn't quite sure what to expect but this woman is hilarious for starters so it was very entertaining to listen to her speak. But it also made her writing so much more meaningful to me hearing her talk about her family and answer questions.

There is a lot in this book I could write about, I certainly cried my way through reading it, but I think this is one of my favorite parts:

"I asked her what the worst time in her life was.
"Sixth grade was pretty bad," she said, thinking out loud.
"Wow, me too."
"Not my sixth grade, Kelly, your sixth grade."
"Why?" I asked, wondering if I had forgotten something terrible that had happened to her that year.
"You'll see. When you're a mother and your kid's in pain and you can't stop it- it's hell. Absolute hell." (p.67)

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