Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impossible, Nancy Werlin

I was surprised by how interesting this book turned out to be. The premise is admittedly weird (and more than a smidgen creepy) but I really liked the romance storyline, I thought the whole Scarborough Fair riddle was clever, and I cheered for the traditional gender roles running rampant throughout the story (Yay for a young man who wants to act like a man and take care of the girl he loves and for a girl who respects the sanctity of life!). I also really liked that Lucy's best friend, a minor character, was such a real friend to her when things got freaky.

I had been expecting that the solutions to the riddles would be more out there and not so literal. Probably because I am horrible at riddles and never can come up with answers so I was prepared to be blown away by the cleverness of them and then wasn't. But overall I was really happy with the ending and with the story. I'm also impressed because I picked this up at the bookstore for full price knowing nothing about it which always has the potential to lead to some serious book shopper's remorse. Happily that is not the case with Impossible.

"We formed the Fellowship of the Ring when we should've all just gone on medication." (p.193)

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