Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moonlight, Rachel Hawthorne

After liking Rachel Hawthorne's The Boyfriend League so much I investigated her other books. This one just came out and there are two more in the series coming out this summer. I think it is weird how some YA series books make you wait a year for the next volume and some are staggered over a few months. Being pretty impatient, I loved seeing that I don't have to wait very long for the next books.

This was really good. It really is weird to me that somehow the stars aligned for Stephenie Meyer's books to become so big when there are lots of supernatural, romantic, suspenseful YA series that don't seem to go very far. And I say that as someone who loves Twilight. I just could totally see this book being fawned over, made into a movie, getting its own dolls, etc and Twilight being a book I just picked up at Barnes & Noble that not very many people have read. I don't get what makes one book go so far, especially considering that Rachel Hawthorne is a better writer.

I really enjoyed Moonlight and am excited for the next 2 books!

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