Monday, April 27, 2009

Outlander, Diana Gabaldon

What can I say about this- Outlander is a book that I love to hate; a book that I end up despising myself for reading (which is not what I'm looking for in recreational reading).

I first read Outlander a few summers ago after seeing it mentioned on a Catholic blog (seriously!). I got it from the library and had no idea what I was getting into (skank-wise and lame-wise) and then bought & read the entire series compusively with that Twilight-esque need to know how things end. The problem is (besides the skank fest) is that the books get more and more ridiculous as the (thousands) of pages keep flying by. In fact, I think Diana Gabaldon is still writing this series as I type this.

I got so angry when the story took a massive turn for the stupid that I gave all my books to Goodwill. Then a year later Outlander popped back into my mind (I'd had a cooling off period I guess) so I rebought a copy. Then the same thing happened again. I was disgusted with myself (and with Diana Gabaldon) and threw the book away. Well guess what I bought over the weekend... my 3rd copy of Outlander.

At least now I have learned my lesson- yes the book is completely lame but I'm not throwing it away! I will not add to Diana Gabaldon's massive royalties. Truly the Outlander series is like Twilight for the middle aged only grosser. Except that deep down I like Twilight and it doesn't make me feel bad about myself (just silly and in touch with my inner 13 year old) which I can't say about Outlander. So for now I will just stow my copy and try to develop more high brow tastes.

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