Saturday, April 11, 2009

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, Deb Caletti

With my 2009 fixation on Young Adult books it seemed fitting to get this book after reading the first lines of this review: "If you like YA girl books, then holy crap, read this book." Simple enough since I do like YA girl books.

This book was a slow starter for me but I loved it once it got into the part with the Casserole Queens book club (senior citizen book club) rescuing a fellow book club member from a nursing home (I kept thinking of Sophia Petrillo's deadly fear of being returned to Shady Pines on Golden Girls) and taking her on a road trip down the Oregon coast to reunite with a lost love. It was not what I was expecting in a teenage girl falls for the bad rich boy story. It exceeded my expectations in many ways.

And the Casserole Queens had lots of lovely words of wisdom like this:

"There's nothing intrinsically wrong with longing," Anna Bee said. "Longing has led to lots of great things. Every great discovery and accomplishment has its base in longing. It's only when you look to someone else to fill that longing that there are problems." (p.137)

I have many more pages of this book dog eared with quotes and descriptions I liked. I'm excited to see that Deb Caletti has several other books for me to read next.

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