Monday, April 27, 2009

Dramarama, E. Lockhart

I have loved everything that E. Lockhart has written. And I am so excited for the next Ruby book to come out this summer. So I knew going into this book that it be a miracle if I didn't like it- after all I am someone with a stage name and cabaret act with several different thematic set lists. I'm currently headlining at the piano in my living room with 8 shows a week but still an act is an act.

So clearly I was going to relate to a girl who loved the razzle-dazzly jazz hands of the theater world but wasn't actually cut out for the life theatrical. Life upon the wicked stage and all that jazz... see I can't help myself with the show tunes!

"I sat right back on the couch and watched the end of Cabaret. Because it was a song, filling up the silence of my life." (p.10)

"It was like I was this supersonic, hydrophonic, gigantic person- only no one could see it. Like I had an undiscovered superpower. Like I was in a chrysalis, and when I popped out everyone would be shocked at my beauty and the breadth of my wings. Like there was a sound track to my life, and it was always blasting. But everyone in the world was deaf, except me." (p.11)

"I just performed. When I was done, I felt a bizarre mix of shame and exultation.
Had I been brilliant, or had I been a fool?
The faces of the interviewers were blank.
At least, I thought, I did something memorable.
I did something just now. Something Sadye.
I wasn't home watching musicals on television. I was here, letting my Lurking Bigness out." (p.29)

"Cats!" squealed Candie. "I love Cats!"
"Sweet pea," said Nanette. "Keep your voice down. You are not supposed to love Cats."
Even Demi and I, in the depths of Ohio, had figured out that it was embarassing to like Cats. But Candie loved it." (p.65-66)

And as a sidenote reading this made me want to watch Cabaret so much and sent me into flashbacks of that time period from ages 13-15 when I kept renting it over and over (on 2 VHS tapes) from Blockbuster. I love Liza!

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