Sunday, April 12, 2009

Audrey, Wait!, Robin Benway

This is such a fun, happy book. It cheered me up and helped me forget (for about an hour) that I still feel sick (after spending the entire weekend asleep, in the bathtub, or stuck to the couch all the while feeling miserable) and that I have to lead my troops in song at the all school assembly first thing tomorrow morning. (Me: "Kids, do not wreck this for me!" as they go on stage).

Audrey is a very likable character and this book is begging to be made into a movie (I mean that in a flattering way, I'd go see this movie). Audrey dumps her longtime boyfriend who proceeds to write a hit song about her breaking his heart (hence the title) and then deal with sudden, unwanted fame.

"I'm having a life crisis. Pass me the Teddy Grahams."
He handed over the box, "All that's left are little paws and legs at the bottom of the box," he said. "It's a massacre." (p.239)

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