Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wags World: Playing the Game, Anonymous

An ordinary girl thrown into an extraordinary life . . . Amy, sixteen, has moved to London for the summer to be near her eighteen-year-old boyfriend, Damien. He's just been signed to a top premiership football club and is getting a taste of the no-limits lifestyle – and he wants Amy to come along for the ride. She soon learns that the other wives and girlfriends are playing games too, but theirs are strictly off the pitch . . . Will a normal girl ever be able to cope in this fast and furious WAGS' world?

I'm not too proud to acknowledge my fondness for the trashier side of things. I've had a fascination with the whole UK wags subculture for a long time. It started cause I had a soft spot for Posh Spice. Youtube has kept this fascination going with gems like this readily available:
Buying Hello at ridiculous import prices whenever Kate Middleton is on the cover introduced me to Wayne & Coleen, Cheryl Cole, etc, etc... And then once when I was home sick (the repeated theme of my life) I watched a marathon of this insane program on bbc america:

Which leads me to this book. I bought it with incredibly low expectations. I imagined a loose retelling of the Wayne & Coleen childhood sweethearts story, which it was, but it was actually quite entertaining. It had some decent suspense and hey in the time I would have spent reading an issue of US Weekly cover to cover I read this instead. It probably had an equally brain jellying effect but definitely nothing worse that US Weekly.

And I love how on the last page there's an ad for the sequel asking me, "Will Amy's indulgent shopping sprees come back to haunt her? And what will happen when she falls into a trap of blackmail and scandal?" I know the answers: #1 Yes and #2 Drama. I am quite the astute predictor.

My only complaint is comparing the lovely Victoria Beckham to the scary, manipulative wag in the story. I'm just too loyal to believe that about Posh :)

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