Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As You Wish, Jackson Pearce

Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again—until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.

Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can't deny that he's falling for Viola. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn as well . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life—and her world—forever.

Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong . . . and how important it is to be careful what you wish for.

This was a really sweet and entertaining story. It seems like YA books return to the same supernatural creatures over and over (Say It! Out loud! vampire!) so the whole genie in a bottle (well not really a bottle in this case) thing was a fun idea. And I can't type the words "genie in a bottle" without wanting to join Xtina in some awesome late nineties nostalgia:

I loved the ending of this story- believable but happy. And everytime Jinn granted a wish and said "as you wish" I was instantly thinking this:


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