Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect Timing, Jill Mansell

It's the night before her wedding when Poppy Dunbar meets Tom. He is tall, dark, and handsome with a quirky smile, and Poppy can't shake the feeling she's known him all her life. She can't go through with the meeting they arrange... but she can't go through with the wedding anymore either.

Suddenly notorious as "The Girl who Jilted Rob McBride" Poppy leaves for London and a fresh start. Soon she's installed in the bohemian household of Caspar French, a ravishingly good-looking young artist with a reputation for breaking hearts. But even in her new home and new life, Poppy can't get Tom off her mind. Until she's tracked him down, she'll never know if their meeting was destiny, or if it was just a matter of timing...

I adored Millie's Fling and based on that adoration I bought all the Jill Mansell books I could find at Barnes and Noble. But I have been hesitant to read any of them just in case it wasn't as good as Millie's Fling. I loved Millie so much I had a hard time really thinking I would like another main character as much. But I was wrong. Happily wrong.

I feel like Jill Mansell is the chick lit version of Maeve Binchy. I love the interconnected story lines that all come together in the end that they both employ. And I love, love, love Maeve Binchy so that is saying something about how I feel about Jill Mansell.

Poppy is such a likeable character. The many side characters are well developed and some of them are just so tender. Poor Jake and Claudia with their massive insecurities had me cringing for them. And the fact that everything happens in London adds to the appeal for me. I am doing a really rotten job describing this book. But I loved it and can't wait to read the rest of Jill Mansell's books now. My confidence in her has gone up.

How could I not love a book with this in it:

"That was what happened when you listened to a girl whose favorite film was The Sound of Music." (p.102)

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