Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking Up Murder, Miranda Bliss

Annie and Eve are life-long best friends who have absolutely nothing in common-except a lack of skill in the kitchen. So when they sign up for a cooking class at the local gourmet shop, they figure the only things at risk are a few innocent fruits and vegetables. But on the first night, Annie and Eve see their fellow student Beyla arguing with a man-a man who later turns up dead in the parking lot. Now the friends feel bound to uncover whatever secrets she's hiding, before someone else's goose-perhaps one of their own-gets cooked.

I seem to go through phases of reading only one genre for a time and then moving on to a completely different genre. Which explains the massive quantity of YA books that I read in 2009 and the teeny tiny amount of mysteries that I ended up reading (or really anything else). If I had been recording my reading for 2008 it would have shown a massive quantity of mysteries; specifically cozy ones. So I'm going to try to be more balanced in my reading this year. Which brings me to Cooking Up Murder.

I loved reading this story. Annie is such a likable and relatable character. I love her best friend Eve and her Scottish cooking instructor, Jim, was appropriately dreamy. It was a very entertaining story and reminded me why I love these cozy mystery series in the first place. In a way they give me the same de-stressing expereince that the Simon Romantic Comedies do. Which is high praise from me.

Thankfully I have already bought the other books in this series so I can keep reading through my don't-want-to-go-back-to-school-depression this week.

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