Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Blowout, Claire Cook

This was an impulse buy from a few weeks ago. It's a very cute, very summery story about a tangled family of hairstylists & makeup artists. I loved how the main character gave us the full run down and complete brand name for each product she used. It wasn't annoying- it honestly made me want to go to Sephora. I give Claire Cook points for name dropping Nars & Tarte- two of my favorite makeup lines as well as the old standby Maybelline Great Lash mascara. So for someone who loves (and subconciously seems to absorb/memorize information from) fashion & beauty magazines this was the perfect relax in the bathtub book.

I also really liked that even though it was clear that the heroine wasn't super young the author never described her as full figured or as having laugh lines thereby making me feel grossed out by the romance/lust going on. I just don't want to read about sassy 40 something divorcees out looking to get their grooves back.

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