Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dust of 100 Dogs, A.S. King

I love the main storyline of this book. It's clever, suspenseful, and romantic. What I don't like is the seriously sicknast (to steal an awesome new word) pirate violence and rape(s). I realize that that is all a lot more realistic version of pirate life than visiting New Orleans Square at Disneyland but it was just a touch too icky for my taste.

The concept of a teenage pirate queen being cursed to endure 100 reincarnated dog lives before being born again into a trashy American family in the 1970's, with all her memories (both pirate and dog) fully intact was so much fun to read. As I was reading I totally shifted allegiances from Saffron to Emer. I only wanted to read her story and keep hoping that she would find Seanie, her one true Irish mute love again. I loved that element to the story. There really was a lot that I didn't love though (especially the creepy hallucinations & fantasies of the reincarnated Frenchman- seriously so gross). Fortunately I LOVE the ending with the hand signal out the plane window. Hooray for books that end with romantic resolution.

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