Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

The Stephenie Meyer ReReadathon continues. I have to be honest and admit that watching the clips from ComicCon of Bella running through the fountain in Volterra towards Edward got me all excited about rereading this one. (I'm rereading even though I'm 80% cured from my mini depression that has been the last few weeks & don't need it for self medicating purposes as previously stated).

It's funny when I read Twilight this week it reminded me of how much I loved reading it before Twimania when it was just a book and how much fun it was to get caught up in the romance. Reading New Moon again I found myself with all these questions (ooh I'm getting so deep and Twilosophical here). Here's what I'm thinking:

1. How was is ok with the Cullens to be in the ballet studio busily dismembering James while Bella bled to almost death but not ok to be in the room when a few drops of blood hit the carpet from a papercut?

2. If Edward is so caring and protective why did he break up with her in the forest, leaving her to be potentially eaten or fossilized into the mossy rocks? Especially with his whole "I'm not the most dangerous thing in the forest" proclamation.

OK, so I guess I only had two questions but still none of that bothered me when I first read New Moon. Lucky for me the Twilight Moms are all over this stuff and have discussed all of this ad infinitum at their site so I saw other people were wondering the same things.

And the other weird thing about reading New Moon again is that I felt so sorry for Jacob as I read. He is just so much more normal and healthy than Edward. Shocking viewpoint to be developing but in a way I want to be Team Jacob (it hurts my heart to even type that) but he really is better than Edward in many ways. And I couldn't stop thinking about his creepy future with freaky Renesmee and his in-laws who just happened to be the missing sides to the love triangle that defined his life for several formative years. Cause that's not messed up at all. The absolute worst part of everything that is Twilight is Jacob imprinting on Renesmee & Edward calling Jacob his son. My brain wants to vomit whenever I think about it.

In other New Moon thoughts, I really like when Carlisle and Bella talk about religion. I think I'm getting morbid in my old age but I've had the phrase "time passing becomes time remaining" on a loop in my mind ever since I saw Avenue Montaigne a few weeks ago and I thought Carlisle's attitude had a similiar memento mori kind of ring to it:
"Like everything in life, I just had to decide what to do with what I was given." (p.35)

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