Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

Apparently in times of serious unhappiness I turn to Stephenie Meyer. How classy and cultured of me, I know! I have been in the worst summertime slothfulness induced funk. I am actively ignoring all emails and voice mails and just want to stay inside my house pretending that I never have to go back to work. ever. ever. ever.

I hate that I do this to myself when I'm already upset. I make it worse by indulging my inner slug and staying up way too late, doing nothing but reading, and generally being lazy & wallowing. Always a good way to bring yourself out of a mini-depression.

Which brings me to Stephenie Meyer. I reread Breaking Dawn at the start of the year when I was in my winter-evaluate-my-life-and-where-is-it-going-depression-phase and now I realize I have self medicated with Twilight this time.

Here are my Twi-thoughts:

I still like Twilight the best of all the books. The mystery, the suspense, and the fact that it could have all ended with this book and I would have been satisfied. Sometimes I think I'd like it better if the book was a stand alone book.

I am still irked that the movie didn't give Jasper his moment with Bella. The whole "I can feel what you're feeling right now and you are worth it." (p.404) He could get a job with L'Oreal, it was that convincing.

It also bugs me that the movie left out Alice's backstory. I get that movies can't include every detail but it does give more insight into why James was so interested in the Cullens in the first place. And it adds to the creepiness factor to realize that James had been hunting Alice when she lived in the asylum. And I don't think it would have taken that long to let James say what he said to Bella in the book.

It really is comforting to reread familiar books in times of crankiness & malaise. Since I'm still cranky and still want to retreat from reality I think I'll be continuing the Stephenie Meyer re-readathon. Which also brings me to wondering how it was possible for SMeyer to write 5 books in about 3ish years but she doesn't have anything new out. I'd take more of The Host, or even (who am I kidding, especially) the elusive mermaid book she is supposedly writing.

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