Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

My blog reader recently informed me that it seems like I stopped reading lately which is slightly true. I've been spending the last days of summer immersed in shallowness. I have been reading but only things like magazines & fashion blogs in between important online shopping ventures.

But I did get around to finishing Eclipse. Rereading Twilight made me all reminiscent and nostalgic and reminded me of how much I love it. Rereading New Moon reminded me that I kind of like Jacob (at times) but that I don't like the book as much as Twilight. And it took me forever to finish rereading Eclipse because I kind of stop caring. I find that I like each book in this series less than its predecessor. Which is why I continue to wonder if it all would have been better to just tack an epilogue onto Twilight and call it good.

So I kept putting Eclipse down and not picking it up again for days and days. There are some good bits but too much controlling Edward followed by pushover Edward without enough romantic Edward in the mix and altogether too much manipulative Bella.

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