Sunday, August 23, 2009

Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer

The more that I reread Breaking Dawn (sidebar: I love that that is becoming just a casually habitual statement for me, cause that's so normal, I'm sure) the more I get resigned and accepting of all the weirdo things that happen in this book. And I'm more able to focus on the good parts- and there really are some satisfying parts to the book. But.... nothing will ever make it alright in my mind that one member of a formerly breathless-let's-just-kill-each-other love triangle is able (in the very same book mind you!) to go from offering to let his rival impregnate his wife in his stead to keep her alive and then to later cheerily accepting him as a son-in-law wed to his supernatural mutant baby girl!! NOT OK AND NEVER WILL BE! Look at me yelling on the internet- that's how strongly I feel about this. I can be brought around to everything else but not this. And what about all those Team Jacob girls out there- what are they supposed to think about this- it has to be creepily confusing for them. "Bella choose Jacob... no wait give your daughter to Jacob and then you guys can all co-parent the future Mrs. Black together...ewwww!"

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