Monday, March 30, 2009

Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr

I read a review of Wicked Lovely on the Bookshelves of Doom blog. This is the part of her review that made me know I would really like this book:

"Wicked Lovely beat the pants off Twilight*. I don't think that all Twilight fans will necessarily agree with that -- Wicked Lovely is much darker and it's very gritty. There are no sparkly vampires here. (Keenan, as the Summer King, sometimes does glow, but even that is kind of scary.) I personally liked it a bazillion times more.

Aislinn is tough and determined and smart and yes, scared, but she's also capable. She's able to make decisions. She's protective of her friends. She's not a waffler. She doesn't expect other people to protect her. She's all of the things that Bella is not.

Her best friend, Seth, is... I described him to a patron yesterday by flapping my hands around a lot and saying, "He made my stomach all squishy!" So, yeah. He's a dreamboat. A pierced, black-nail-polish-wearing, tea-drinking dreamboat. But, unlike stupid Edward, he doesn't treat Aislinn like a child. He's protective without being overbearing, and he doesn't try to make her decisions for her. AND HE LIVES IN A TRAIN. How hot is that**?"

*And I loved Twilight. Not the later installments, but the first one.

**I CANNOT believe I just typed that sentence. How embarrassing. Well, I'm leaving it in. And I'm not talking about sleeping on a pile of straw in the corner of a train car, either. He owns it, and it's been converted into a real, livable place -- with electricity and everything. Sah-woon.

The review did not lead to disappointment. I cared so much about Aislinn and Seth and could not stop reading (and worrying) to know what would happen to them. I cannot describe Seth better than Bookshelves of Doom did. I wholeheartedly agree with her! I am so excited to read the next two in this series.

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