Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapbook Entry : Sixpence in Her Shoe

p. 2
...into the hands of women life has dropped its most significant duties.

On us rests the burden (and the glory) of seeing to it that... a light shines in the window after dark and there is refreshment for body and spirit waiting at the day's end.

But what, I wonder, has persuaded her that her husband's job took anything less than him?

It is nerve racking to have to answer the thousand questions of young children. It is more than nerve racking, it is often ulcer producing, to soothe the ruffled feathers of a whimsical employer.

...been taught the dignity of work

[a liberal arts education] is a true and precious stone which can glow just as handsomely on a kitchen table as when it is put on exhibition in a jeweler's window or bartered for bread and butter. Learning is a boon, a personal good. It is a light in the mind, a pleasure for the spirit, an object to be enjoyed. It is refreshment, warmth, illumination, a window from which we get a view of the world. To what barbarian plane are we descending when we demand that it serve only the economy?

see long passage beginning "Surely the ability to enjoy Heine's exquisite melancholy in the original German..."

The whole duty of a wife is to bolster her husband's self-esteem [and vice-versa]

Never grant a favor grudgingly. If you are going to grant it anyway, do it wholeheartedly. Otherwise it's not a favor.

Praise is better than wheat germ for even the least vain of men, and every wife ought to keep a supply in her pocket ready to scatter like manna

What most barbarously frays the martial rope is two natures pulling two opposite ways

winning the last word is a dubious victory

For why should I bother advising any young wife about feeding her man on a diet of pure affection? It is true that husbands, like babies and other people, thrive on love and wither without it. It is the best life preserving medicine in existence. But any woman who can't figure that out for herself will never learn it anyhow.


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