Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chapbook Entry

I’ve had The Dud Avocado on my To Read list for a long time and am finally getting around to it. How could I not want to read a book with this blurb on the back cover from Groucho Marx:

“I had to tell someone (and it might as well be you since you’re the author) how much I enjoyed The Dud Avocado. It made me laugh, scream, and guffaw (which, incidentally, is a great name for a law firm).”
I haven’t been laughing, screaming, or guffawing yet but I admire Elaine Dundy’s writing. I’ve just been having a hard time getting into the story so far. I am going to keep trying. Meanwhile a few things to remember:


“Why so broody?”

“I am in mourning for my life,” I said, still staring at my shoes, wishing they were black, at least, and wondering if he’d ever read the play. He hadn’t.”

Like Uncle Roger, I’m not so up on my Chekhov but thanks to the internet I’ve now added The Sea Gull to my To Read list. Which is probably a good thing. I’ve never read any Russian plays. And seeing how they are name dropped in certain show tunes that I like to sing it seems like I should give one a try.

pg. 37

“… I was merely a disinterested spectator at the Banquet of Life. The scientist dropping into the zoo at feeding time.”


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