Friday, March 13, 2009

Fade, Lisa McMann

Even though I’m classifying Lisa McMann’s books as Stephenie Meyer knockoffs and putting them on the “Not My Finest Moment” list, obviously I kept reading. After finishing Wake I checked to see if the library had Fade. No luck. No interlibrary loan option either. So I went out and bought my very own copy (I was in my late night Barnes and Noble “its ok to buy more books” mindset even though it was only 4:00pm).

I can’t be eloquent about these books. I liked this one but not as much as Wake (the Stephenie Meyer comparisons continue: Twilight is so much better than everything that followed it but I still kept reading). Fade had darker themes than Wake but nothing that I hadn’t already seen in a Lifetime television event. Now the only problem is that the 3rd book, Gone, doesn’t come out until Spring 2010…..


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