Sunday, September 5, 2010

Supernatural Roundup

I read this one in the hopes that I would love it like I love Kelley Armstrong's YA series and while I definitely enjoyed it I came nowhere near my adoration of Chloe & Derek's stories. Part of it is that her books for grownups are a lot scarier (& more graphic) and in the end I am just a wimp about a lot of things.


 The Strange Angels series is one of my favorite quick reading YA supernatural series. I liked Jealousy a lot and loved that more secrets were revealed in this one. Dru is such an awesome heroine. Now I just need this to come out soon!

 Storm Born was a dissapointment to me. I love the Vampire Academy books so I was hoping I would like Richelle Mead's grownup books but it was just too much for me. I'm sticking with the teen stuff yet again.

 It is no secret that I love Patricia Briggs so in the long wait for more Mercy Watson I reread Silver Borne, Bone Crossed, and Iron Kissed. I am leaving my Freudian slip in here because I think it is hilarious that my typing fingers just wanted to spit out Mercy Watson instead of Mercy Thompson. You know I think a lot of people probably mix up this character:

 with this one all the time, right?:

Even though I am not a fan of the Mercy Thompson cover art I did find this article about the artist and model interesting. And I loved rereading some of my favorite Mercy-Adam moments. I am glad that January is relatively around the corner so I can read River Marked soon.


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