Friday, September 10, 2010

The Liturgical Year: the Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life, Joan Chittister

This book is part of my preventing unnecessary student debt reading plan. I've been reading it in small bits here and there so it stretched over several weeks and gave me time to think about things. I have always been fascinated by the liturgical year and this book was helpful to me because of its simplicity.


"I know now that it is possible to grow physically older by the day but, at the same time, stay spiritually juvenile, if our lives are not directed by a schema far beyond the march our our planet around the sun."  p.6

"For those of us who live in the rhythm of the liturgy week upon week all our lives the question must be, so what? What happened to us as a result? Who have we become? Who are we on all the rest of the weekdays of our lives?" p.179

"It is what we do routinely, not what we do rarely, that delineates the character of a person, it is what we belive in the heart of us that determines what we do daily. It is what we bring to the nourishment of the soul that predicts the kind of soul we nurture. It's what we do ordinarily, day by day, that gives an intimation of what we will do under stress. It is the daily- the way we act ordinarily, nor rarely, that defines us as either kind, or angry, or faithful, or constant." p.183

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