Monday, September 20, 2010

Meditation for Beginners, Jack Kornfield

I really like Jack Kornfield's writing style. This little book was just what I was looking for- simple, straightforward and easy to read explaining exactly how you can start meditating. My main goal for this school year is stay healthy and a huge part of that for me is reducing stress so I want to give meditation a try.

"Remember that meditation is not an accomplishment, but a lifelong practice. As you work with your breathing, bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotional energies, you will become more adept at remaining calm and curious in the midst of any life situation." p.90

That last part is what really caught  my eye- I want to be able stay calm in spite of whatever craziness is going on around me at school, especially when dealing with difficult parents. I want that elusive inner poise that Bridget Jones was always going on about!

"Try  not to have expectations. Just commit to practicing it as an exercise, and do not get discouraged by whatever happens." p.88

"...the point is not to get anywhere, but to be where you already are." p.82

"The whole art of living depends on our paying attention- and you can learn to pay attention to your experiences even when you are not sitting on your meditation cushion." p.77

"You are sitting there, and the record starts playing, telling the same story over and over again... If it keeps coming back, it is often a signal that something wants to be felt or accepted. So if the thought keeps returning again and again, there is maybe a loss that needs to be acknowledged, or a love that wants to be accepted, or some creativity that wants to be recognized and honored in some way." p.51

And I thought this study was really fascinating about the power of prayer (p.65)

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