Thursday, April 1, 2010

Laziness Reading Round Up

I have been reading a lot of silly stuff- a good mixture of trashiness and fluffiness. I have been so stressed and tired that I haven't been equipped to read anything on a deeper level and I certainly haven't been equipped to write anything about anything. So here is my attempt to record something about what I've been reading in the mean time.

These were a bit tiresome to read. I have such a weakness for series books and even when I am not really into it I feel compelled to keep reading in case things get better or because I'm so irritated at the amount of time I have already invested reading. This series reminds me of The Vampire Diaries or the Alyson Noel Immortals series... obviously not completely terrible because I keep reading but at times very annoying. I do really like the font the titles are in though. And for what its worth the first book, Evernight, is definitely the best one. Some day when I have more vigor for life I am going to rank all the YA supernatural series I've read.

On the other hand, the Scarlett Wakefield series is completely awesome! Clever, addictive, & suspenseful, I had so much fun reading these and I can't wait for the third one to come out. In a way I was reminded (in a good way, really) of the Wags World novel I had just read what with the London environment and snotty rich teens with fun British slang. I really liked these!

I have developed a new addiction for regency romance novels. I was already into Georgette Heyer but Julia Quinn is my new best friend. I have now read 5 of her books and I adored 4/5. And I find it so comforting to know she is so prolific. Her books are funny and entertaining (obviously full of romance too) but they are also light hearted and relaxing to read. I can read one in 2 hours in the bathtub and feel so much better about life when I am done. I think of this batch my favorite is Brighter than the Sun with To Catch an Heiress in 2nd place. But really I loved all 3. I just wish I owned these pretty UK covers instead of the terrifying US versions.

And speaking of terrifying cover art... I despise the covers for the Mercy Watson series. And it makes me more mad because I LOVE these books. I was so excited for this book to come out. I was really spoiled by reading the first in this series when there were already a bunch of other books out. I hate waiting a year for the next book. Silver Borne was great though. I love Mercy and Adam's relationship. I loved where the story with Sam went... he needs his spinoff series now like Charles & Anna have. I would love to see more of Jessie, Adam's daughter, in these stories though. I think she & Mercy have a fun dynamic. One plus to this coming out in hardback is that I can just ixnay the dust jacket and not have to feel creepy reading this. It really is such a satisying series... I'm already thinking I need to start rereading.

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