Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prom Crashers, Erin Downing

This was another cute (I always write that but its because so far it has always been true) Simon Romantic Comedy. I like that I have a stockpile of these to turn to when I am having an emotional breakdown (thankfully, not the current situation) or when I am dying of a childhood infectious disease as an adult (sadly, the case today).

I did like Erin Downing's Drive Me Crazy better than this one though. Drive Me Crazy had more well developed characters. Prom Crashers felt like a screwball comedy- which isn't really a bad thing.

I was seriously relieved on the last few pages because near the end I was worried the story was taking a "hooray for being single, I don't need a man" stance that I can't support in fluffy teenage fiction. No one wants to read a story where the girl ends up alone... especially when you are reading books about teenagers while hacking up a lung on Halloween night. Luckily, this book ended with a perfect & cheesily romantic prom night.

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