Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Ex Games, Jennifer Echols

I love Jennifer Echols in a big way. Her book Going Too Far is one of my favorites from this year and I might have even read it more than once...
I loved her previous Simon Romantic Comedies and was so excited to see The Ex Games on the shelves a few weeks ago (I get a special thrill when books are out before their release dates and then I wonder why I'm able to remember release dates for upcoming YA titles in the first place).
I can happily report that The Ex Games is just as enjoyable as her previous books. I have to say Going Too Far is my favorite still with The Boys Next Door in second place but there is something comfortably reliable about her books. I like knowing that I can trust an author. Jennifer Echols is the perfect blend of happy-fluff meets realistic situations which equals a relaxed and entertained reader.

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