Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drive Me Crazy, Erin Downing

I am going on Day 5 of being sick which is making me start to panic for next week... I have to be back to school with the babies no matter what which is really a horrible experience when I feel like this.

Fortunately I have a gigantic back log of Simon Romantic Comedies in my possession to see me through. This is the first Erin Downing I have read and I loved it. She is up there with Jennifer Echols in my opinion. I'm really excited to read her other titles.

I loved Adam and especially the ending with Rachel chasing after him. I thought this story was a great blend of cute & fluffy with a realistic relationship between Rachel & Adam. And I loved the very cute epilogue with the whole locker thing. This is now one of my favorites in the series (I feel like I want to say "line" instead of "series" like its a fashion line or something... hmmm)

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