Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Reading Roundup

Every year that I have been teaching I am sick around Halloween without fail. This year has been particularly icky (really, who am I kidding last year was icky too). I dragged myself out of bed to be at school for the costume parade and party on Friday and then dropped back into bed for the entire weekend. As a result I have done a lot of questionable reading in between sleeping and coughing.

This was a cute and predictable Christian chicklit/romance type book. Being sick, tired, and cranky I appreciated the happily ever ending and low stress plot.

This one is a quick reading YA that I both liked and disliked. I loved Bianca's voice and the plot's pacing. This story was so compelling and I was totally swept away by the writing. I had to know what was going to happen next. But I really didn't like Wesley and I could have done with less s-e-x! This is not a book that I would recommend to really anyone because of all the casual encounters going on. It is a thought provoking story though and it was another perfect book for this sickie to read.

Another YA, this one is a supernatural. I had heard about this on several blogs. I was a little surprised by the cover art. To me it looks like a fantasy or sci-fi book marketed to grownups not teens. It reminds me of the Illona Andrews covers. To be quite honest, this was just mildly entertaining to me. I got bored at the half way point and just kept wanting it to be over. Which is why I have such scintillating commentary now!

And last but certainly not least a book I loved! This book was a perfect blend of modern day academic mystery with historical spy romance. I am a huge Scarlet Pimpernel fan so this was right up my alley. I loved the humor throughout the story and the well written characters. Lauren Willig is so reminding me of my other historical romance love, Julia Quinn. I'm so excited to read the rest of this series. And how could I not love a writer who describes a character's apartment as "a little gnome hole".


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