Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Carrie Diaries, Candice Bushnell

Monday was one of the worst days at school in a long time so I ended up having a self-pity fueled trip to the nail salon. While I forcing myself to relaxI read an excerpt of this book in Teen Vogue. I can honestly say I would not have bought this one if I hadn't read the excerpt first. I've only ever seen Sex & the City episodes in the past few years thanks to reruns on cable so I am by no means an expert or a super fan. But I did enjoy reading about teen Carrie.

My favorite part of the whole book came in that first chapter:
"Not that I think I'm so talented or anything, but for once in my life, I was hoping I was." p.3

I also loved this:
"I'm thinking that you probably won't like me because I've never been to Europe and I'm not sophisticated enough. "Have you ever been to Paris?" I ask.
"Sure," he says. "Haven't you?"
"Not really."
"That sounds like being a little bit pregnant. You either have been or you haven't."
"I haven't been there in person. That doesn't mean I haven't been there in my mind." p.94

I so relate to both of those quotes. The hoping you really are good enough at something and the being to Paris in your mind thing. I was reading a review of Weetzie Bat on jezebel the other day and the writer mentioned never wanting to go to Los Angeles because it could never live up to the LA Weetzie lived in and I'm starting to feel that way about Paris... except I would still go if I had the chance! But in some ways I do feel like I've already been there at least in my mind.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I especially loved the last section of the book when Carrie started writing her articles about high school. And I loved that she didn't take Lali back. Maybe I am not forgiving enough but Lali was a horrible, horrible friend. There is just no excuse for her behavior and I loved that Sebastien was his same loser self with her as well. I also really liked the last page with Samantha picking up the phone. It's making me want to read volume 2 now!

And I personally really loved the cover art with the whole homage to Stephen Sprouse. It has interesting textures that give it an almost trompe l'oeil effect.

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