Monday, November 2, 2009

Ink Exchange, Melissa Marr

I really loved Wicked Lovely when I read it back in March and then I didn't get my hands on this next book for several months. I think I lost some of my initial enthusiasm for the world these books are set in and didn't try to read them again until today.

I'm glad I finally read Ink Exchange but in a way it was a little bit depressing. I loved Wicked Lovely in that insane Twilighty kind of way. I loved Seth & Aislinn's relationship so it was hard to be excited for this book. I knew it wasn't a sequel but having Seth & Aislinn as side characters was hard to read; especially when all I did want to read was more of their particular story.

I did like Leslie and enjoy her story but no where near as much as the first book. Leslie's story is much, much darker and sadder as well. There is really no romance in this book and for me that was the pull of the first one. I'm just not that into the world of fairies with an e to love a book that isn't giving me some other fun thing to read. So fairy drama with no romance? Not my personal cup of tea. But it is a well written book and it was nice to have glimpses, however fleeting of Seth again.

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