Monday, January 10, 2011

Take a Chance on Me, Jill Mansell

I adore Jill Mansell! I have a stock pile of all her US releases, with their gorgeous sparkly covers, waiting to be used as bibliotherapy for my own personal low points (I'm mad at youtube for not having a clip of Kate Winslet yanking her head out of the oven and out the window of her cute English cottage in The Holiday so you can just imagine her slapping herself & yelling LOW POINT!). The last 6 weeks of my mysterious illnesses have definitely been a long, extended low point for me so it seemed appropriate to ration myself one of her books.

All of her stories that I've read so far are clever, engaging, hilarious, & completely suck you in (in a good way). Take a Chance on Me is no exception. I loved Cleo & Johnny, Fia & Ash. Even bratty Georgia had grown on me by the end.

What I liked best about Take a Chance on Me (and really of her books)  is the way I feel while reading. I am always completely cheered up as cheesy as that sounds.

My only worry is reaching the end of my collection. Source Books needs to publish more of Jill Mansell's books and quickly!

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