Monday, January 10, 2011

Italian for Beginners, Kristin Harmel

After reading Anna & the French Kiss I've moved my romantic chick lit tour of Europe to Italy. Not intentionally, but it fit my January blah attitude to read another cheering book.

This one was cute but not as overwhelmingly lovable as Anna. I thought all of the Roman Holiday references were really fun. Having recently watched Only You, which is also full of Roman Holiday references, it has me planning to rewatch this soon.

I liked the main character, Cat, a lot but I had a few quibbles with the story. Spoilers ahead (though I don't think you'll be reading this one, Nora)

I was seriously shocked when Cat slept with Marco because up until that point I was convinced he was gay! I just didn't see them as having romantic chemistry at all. I also would have appreciated more happy times with Michael (at least I think that is his name- how awful is it that I can't remember Cat's prince charming's name!). All they had was the meet cute followed by the misunderstanding that could have been cleared up in 5 minutes of talking and then a long strech of Cat in Rome finding herself and then Michael returns at the end for the happily ever after. I liked him and their relationship but there wasn't that much there.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book though. Light and happy and another great January book.

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