Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Roundup

 I love Cassandra Clare's books. I love that she is so prolific and that her books are so long and satisfying. Its been awhile since I read The Mortal Instruments series so I might disagree with myself later but at this point I prefer the characters and time period of Clockwork Angel. This was such a fun book to read- a perfect book to relax and just be entertained by, which I was needing. I always love the action in her books but the characters are what I keep thinking about even now a week after finishing this one. I was trying to figure out a few favorites and then realized I'd be listing them all- Tessa, Jem, Will, Jessamine, Henry, Charlotte, the super creepy & perfectly named Magister... I loved reading them all! I am so looking forward to more books from Cassandra and to the City of Bones movie (yay!).

This one was a let down. Many other reviews say it better than I will but this was so unoriginal. I couldn't stop thinking about The Giver not to mention The Hunger Games. It was all interesting but I never really cared about the characters or felt the big love triangle. I will read the wikipedia summary of the rest of the books in the series just to see how it ends but that is because I am ocd and have to know how things end even when they are silly. 

I ordered this immediately after I read the premise. It sounded so creepy and suspenseful and it did not disappoint. It was a super fast read but was very well done. Great pacing, believable plot, and characters who I cared about... I definitely want to read more of April Henry's books.

This book was another disappointment to me. I love Nancy Werlin's book, Impossible, so much and had high hopes for Extraordinary. But this one just fell flat for me. When I got to the big reveal I was left pretty underwhelmed and also wondering at how such a strange idea came to be the basis of an entire novel. I wonder if the actual Rothschild descendants know about this book and its weird premise. They probably don't or if they do are too busy & rich to care about it but I would be a little weirded out if it was my family being fairy tale-ized so oddly. This was a definite bummer to read, probably more so because of my high expectations. But Impossible was just so good! It's hard to reconcile that they were written by the same author.

I have been super excited for this anthology for what feels like forever. I love all of the art and the cover is so perfect. I think I am remaining firmly Team Unicorn because so  many of the zombie stories were just too gross or depressing for me. I really loved Cassandra Clare's Cold Hands and Meg Cabot's Princess Prettypants. Oh, how I wish I was Meg Cabot! She needs to write some more Heather Wells soon! There were a few unicorn stories that were a little too gross for me as well- I think my tolerance for grossness was pretty weak during this reading though- maybe I'll blame my vertigo. This was definitely a fun book!


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